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  Sanya International Asset Exchange Co., Ltd. ("SIAE" for short) is a professional trading market of comprehensive financial assets and services established under the guidance and strong support of the Party Committee and People's Government of Hainan Province according to relevant laws and regulations of the State Council and the Interim Measures of Hainan Province for the Administration of Trading Venues.

  The set-up of SIAE represents the specific arrangement to promote the financial reform of Hainan Province, improve the regional financial factor market system and build Hainan Province into a powerful financial province based on the implementation of the principles of the State Council for the development of multi-level financial market system in China. This is also an important part of the development of multi-level financial market system in China. SIAE's shareholders include AFCA AMC, Sanya International Exchange Group Co., Ltd., Hainan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. SIAE's business scope covers financial asset trading services and relevant consulting and financial consultant services; information release, trading and services related to bills, receivables and other financial assets; trading of tourist consumption points; and cross-border asset transfer.

Shareholder introduction - AFCA AMC
  Founded in December 2015, AFCA AMC is initiated by Asia Financial Cooperation Association (Sanya) ("AFCA" for short). Registered in Hainan and headquartered in Beijing, AFCA AMC has a registered capital of RMB200 million. AFCA is launched by 41 licensed financial institutions, including 28 domestic banks, 7 Asian foreign-owned banks in China and several non-banking financial institutions. AFCA AMC has a professional team with broad horizon and profound accomplishment, adheres to the development philosophy that "service creates value and innovation leads the future", and makes arrangements emphatically in such areas as the operation of non-performing assets, mergers & acquisitions, entrusted investment, financial asset trading, equity investment and supply chain finance by relying on the resource advantages of AFCA members under the premise of compliance management and strict rick control.

Shareholder introduction - Sanya International Exchange Group Co., Ltd.
  Established in April 2019, Sanya International Exchange Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned sole corporation formed with the investment of the People's Government of Sanya Province. It is an important investor and incubator of the establishment of various trading venues of Hainan Free Trade Port. The company makes the best of the unique regional advantage and strong supporting policies of Hainan Free Trade Port to attract various types of partners, set up and cultivate trading venues, develop multiple trading varieties and create new trading modes. While keeping a foothold in Hainan, it looks on Southeast Asia and the Maritime Silk Road as it seeks to get through the channels of cross-border trade, open international trading market, build itself into an internationalized exchange center, price discovery center, capital formation center and risk management center, and enable Hainan to become the window of opening-up with important international influence.

Shareholder introduction - Hainan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.
  Hainan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Hainan Financial Holdings" for short) was formed on May 12, 2016 according to the principles of the special meeting of the People's Government of Hainan Province -- "Two Priorities and One Large Project" -- chaired by Governor Cigui LIU on February 19, 2016. As the only provincial level financial platform company approved by the Hainan Provincial Government, Hainan Financial Holdings is a state-owned financial company with Hainan Development Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Hainan Holdings" for short) as the main initiator, and has a registered capital of RMB1 billion. Specifically, Hainan Holdings contributes RMB600 million, Hainan Province Transport Investment Holding Company Limited contributes RMB200 million and Hainan Laocheng Economic Development Zone Co., Ltd. contributes RMB200 million. Hainan Financial Holdings mainly specializes in the following businesses, including making investment in such industries as banking, securities, insurance, trust, fund, asset management, finance lease, corporate information service, guarantee and re-guarantee; capital operation; investment and financing and financial research; and consulting services for corporate restructuring, merger & acquisition.

Shareholder introduction - Hebei Xiong'an Unite Points Technology Co., Ltd.
  Hebei Xiong'an Unite Points Technology Co., Ltd. ("Unite Points" for short) is one of the high-and-new-tech enterprises registered in Xiong'an New Area and one of the strategic emerging industrial projects reserved by Xiong'an New Area. With a registered capital of RMB100 million, Unite Points is a comprehensive management company of points big data and credit that mixes design, research and development, integration, exchange, sales and investment. Its main businesses include "PES" points big data exchange and credit platform whose main functions are to support the realization of exchange, convenient realization and value preservation and increase of various points, and endow new functions to points, discount coupons, vouchers and other various types of digital documents of titles, so as to promote the interaction between investment and consumption through points, and provide innovative development idea for the entire consumer market, real economy, investment market and the industrial ecology of various sectors.