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Jipeng ZHONG, Chairman, President

Mr. ZHONG was graduated from Peking University and Renmin University of China successively and gained the Doctorate in economics.

He once served as the Deputy Director of the Office of the Economic Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Level-3 Clerk of China Minsheng Bank, Deputy President and Board Secretary of China Minsheng Investment Group Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman and Secretary General of AFCA, and Director of Minsheng Royal Asset Management Co., Ltd. Honors he has won include "Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Departments under the Party Central Committee".

Wei CHEN, Executive President

Mr. CHEN won the Bachelor Degree in mathematics from Peking University and the Master of Business Administration from Cornell University, USA. He has more than 20 years of experience of working in the finance industry in the US and China.

He once worked at the Credit Card Dept., Mortgage Credit Dept., Strategy Dept., etc. of Bank of America; as one of the experts of Bank of America, he was dispatched to the head office of Construction Bank from 2007 to 2009; he joined China Minsheng Bank in 2009 and once served as the Senior Assistant to General Manager of the General Headquarters, and Deputy General Manager of Micro-finance Dept.. During this process, he took a temporary post at Zhejiang Financial Assets Exchange under the designation of the Board of Directors.

He joined Sanya International Asset Exchange Co., Ltd. in 2018.

Run TAN, Vice President

TAN possesses the qualification of China Certified Public Accountant and has 13 years of working experience in financial audit. He once worked at the Financial Dept. and Audit Dept. of China Telecom Hainan Office, the Financial Dept. and Asset Transfer Dept. of Hainan Equity Exchange, knowing very well trading, financing and other OTC businesses.

Baojing SANG, Vice President

With many years of experience in working at local financial asset exchanges, SANG has successively participated in the preparation, establishment and operation of Beijing Financial Assets Exchange, AFCA Financial Assets Exchange (Ningxia) and AFCA Financial Assets Exchange (Hainan), being responsible for the establishment of the general trading business framework and knowing very well the operation mode and relevant businesses of exchanges. SANG holds the Master of Science degree.